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MEDARO: P145 (AWEX • Wallonia)

Buy bulk aromatic herbs

We provide dried plants around the world. Brewers, distillers or pharmaceutical manufacturers, we raw metrials for you!

Finest organic botanicals and herbs 

80 years or field experience have allowed us to forge strong links with responsible producers around the world.
Discover the plants we are trading by downloading our non-exhaustive  product list.

Breweries and Distilleries dry herbs supplier

Great beverages calls for great spices!

As a beverage manufacturer  you know how important spices are in making a great drinks. Medaro srl provides high grade spices that you may need to improve your beverage taste or color.

Medaro can supply you with Juniper berries, Valeriana roots, Angelica roots or Gentian roots. We also can provide dried red fruits (Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Açai), Citrus peels (Sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon, lime, yuzu), aromatics (mint, thyme, sage, fennel) among many others.

Check out our range of spices dedicated to breweries, distilleries and drink manufacturers.